Clive Sharpe completes our Encounters with Jesus series on this final message; Keeping A Sort heart in a rock hard world, giving us a framework when faced with issues of political correctness and the authority of Gods word the Bible in our everyday lives.

God’s Plan For Your Life

Angela Chan speaks to us on this powerful message with regards to God’s Plan for your your life and how as believers we can embrace His will for our lives.

5000 Meet The Miracle Worker

Pastor Clive Sharpe continues to speaks to us in our Encounters With Jesus Series on Now is the time, today is the day. Step into your life of miracles.

Encounters With Jesus P5

Lloyd Burrell continues in our preach series message Encounters With Jesus by encouraging Gods people to Die to Self.

Encounters With Jesus P4

Colin Wilkinson speaks on Encounters with Jesus from a mental health perspective and Nathan Passirebo speak about Encountering Jesus from a faith perspective in this Encounter Series.

Encounters With Jesus P3

Pastor Clive Sharpe continues in the message series of Encounters With Jesus from the story of the demoniac and deliverance. Also the authority believers have in Jesus Christ.

Encounters With Jesus P2

Sam Boulton continues in our preach series message Encounters With Jesus by encouraging and empowering Gods people to set out in faith.

Encounters with Jesus P1

Vicky Ankrah kicks starts our preach series message on Encounters with Jesus from Mark 8:22–26 Jesus meets a blind man and heals him.

A Life Of Celebration

Clive Sharpe speaks on Multicultural Sunday the message of, A Life Of Celebration marked by this weekends Royal Wedding.

Money Giving and Generosity

Duncan Hanton speaks on the message of Money giving and generosity in the light that God has been so lavish and generous towards us.

Paradox Of Jonah

Clive Sharpe preaches this morning message on the Paradox of Jonah.

Benefits of the Resurrection

Duncan Hanton delivers this morning message on how your life could be different because Jesus rose from the dead.

Romans 12

Vicky, Nathan and Sam preach on this mornings message on Romans 12 and unpacking scripture!

Favour Love and Mercy

Lloyd Burrell preaches on Gods Love and Mercy through the life of Joseph and Jesus who’s death and resurrection covers our sin and shame by forgiving us and clothing us in his righteousness.

Palm Sunday

Matt Hosier speaks to us this morning at our joint service on the message of Palm Sunday a celebration of the day Jesus entered Jerusalem before he was crucified.

The Gift Unwrapped

Stanley Wangenye speaks to us this morning on his message the Gift Unwrapped from the book of Romans 3:23.

Living A Stress Less Life

Clive Sharpe preaches on this Mothering Sunday message on Living A Stress Less Life.

Paradoxology Part 5

Clive Sharpe continues our paradoxology series, looking the God of surprises and unpredictability from the book of Habakkuk.

Paradoxology Part 4

Andy Cooley continues our paradoxology series, answering ‘How can God be faithful to the unfaithful?’ Talking about God and mans covenant relationship from the minor prophet Hosea.

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