Andy continues the Himpossible series based on Hebrews with a message about the faithfulness and promises of God.


Clive Sharpe speaks on his message from our HIMPOSSIBLE series Living The Dream from the book Hebrew 5:11-14.


Duncan Hanton introduces our HIMPOSSIBLE series on building firm foundations from the book of Hebrews to HIM Who Does the Impossible.

Out Of Lockdown Into Revival

Clive Sharpe speaks on this morning message on “Out of Lockdown into Revival from Isaiah 64:1-11.

Shifting Atmospheres

Angela Chan speaks on her message of Shifting Atmospheres from Ephesians 6:12 and Luke 10:19.

Life In The Spirit

Colin Potter speaks on this morning message of Life in The Spirit from the book of Acts Chapter Four.

He Is With Us

Clive Sharpe speaks on our online Service his Easter Sunday message entitled He Is With Us.

The Age To Come

Andrew Cooley concludes on our Revelation series his final message on The Age To Come from Revelation Chapters 21–22.

Rise Up Church

Clive Sharpe speaks on our Revelation Series his message looking at all history coming to its final end, through Revelation chapters 17–20.

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Angela Chan speaks on her Mothering Sunday message on Sowing Seeds of Hope.

7 Bowls of God’s Judgement

Sam Boulton speaks on our Revelation Series on his message 7 Bowls of God’s Judgment from Revelation Chapters 15–16.

Six Visions

Lloyd Burrell speaks on our Revelation Series his message on the Six Visions taken from Revelation Chapters 12–13–14.

Bitter Sweet Gospel

Clive Sharpe speaks on our Revelation Series on his message on the Bitter Sweet Gospel.

Maturing and Growing

Vicky Ankrah speaks on her message regarding Maturing and Growing Older on our 11th Anniversary Celebration Service.

Revelation Part Four

Duncan Hanton speaks his message in our Revelation Series on Chapters 6 and 7.

Revelation Part Three

Andrew Cooley continues in our Revelation series looking at chapters 4 and 5 – where we get the biggest picture of heaven.

The Good Bad & The Beautiful

Clive Sharp speaks on his message in the exciting Revelation Series The Good, Bad and The Beautiful. From Revelation Chapters 2 and 3.

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