Introduction to Revelations

Clive Sharpe speaks on his introductory message on the book of Revelations in our new and exciting series.

The Year of More

Clive Sharpe speaks on his Introductory message and casting Vision for 2020 in The Year Of More.

The Message of Christmas

Clive Sharpe and Sam Boulton deliver their Christmas message on the hope of Christ for us at this most important time of the year in 2019.

Come See & Follow Me

Clive Sharpe speaks on the Christmas message of Come and See and Follow Me, from John 1:39-41

Facing The Giants In Life

Duncan Hanton speaks to us on his message of the Transformation Series, Facing The Giants In Life from 1 Samuel 17.

Andy Cooley speaks on the Transformed Series – Transformed in my Spiritual Health. He refers to the Prodigal Son – Luke 15:11-24 and Psalm 100:1-5.

Get Ready

Clive Sharpe speaks on Getting Ready when you hear God say you have stayed long enough on this mountain! Deuteronomy 1:6

Assurance of Prayer

Clive Sharpe concludes in the final message or our summer mini series on the Assurance of Prayer.

Assurance of Guidance

Lloyd Burrell speaks on Assurance of Guidance from our Summer mini series using Proverbs 3:5-6.

Assurance of Salvation

Clive Sharpe speaks into our summer mini series on the Assurance of Salvation.

Assurance of Victory

Sam Boulton speaks on this mini series on Assurance of Victory by overcoming temptation by way of escape!

Assurance Of Forgiveness

Vicky Ankrah kick starts our mini summer series on the Assurance of Forgiveness in our Assurance of God Series.

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