Multicultural Sunday

Clive Sharpe speaks on the diversity of a multicultural church and it’s impact in our society.

Nehemiah – Part 4

Clive Sharpe continues in our Nehemiah series part four the subject of A Fathering Heart on Fathering Sunday.

Nehemiah – Part 1

Clive Sharpe introduces a new Well Church Series – on Nehemiah. Rebuilding something strong and secure from the mess and rubble.

Digging Our Own Well

Angela Chan encouraging message from Genesis 26 challenges God’s people to be Digging Our Own Wells and how that is possible, despite difficult circumstances. Reminding us that God is for us not against us.

Vision Sunday

Clive Sharpe imparts vision for the Well Church London as to the impact and transformation of society with the message of hope that we carry as disciples who follow Jesus.

Kingdom Advance

Clive Sharpe concludes his final message in the God’s Kingdom series.

Ressurrection  Power

Clive Sharpe delivers his Easter Sunday message on the Ressurrection Power of Jesus Christ.

Integrity of the Word of God

Stanley Wanganye talks about the authority of The Bible. Scriptures covered include 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21; 2 Peter 3:2; 1 Corinthians 2:13 and Proverbs 30:5.

Prophetic Culture

Angela Chan speaks to us on our Mothering Sunday the message of the Prophetic Culture and how that effects our everyday lives as believers and non believers.

Parable Of The Two Sons

Duncan Hanton continues in our series from God’s Kingdom the message of “Parable of the two sons” from Matthew 21:28-32 the challenge of Jesus parables in todays society.

Making Disciples

Andrew Cooley continues in our series from God’s Kingdom the message of “Making Disciples” from Matthew 13:1-30 the challenge of Jesus parables in todays society.

Lost Sheep

Clive Sharpe continues in our series from God’s Kingdom the message of “The Lost Sheep” from Luke 15:1-7 the challenge of evangelism in todays society.

Forgiving From The Heart

Clive Sharpe opens with the first of message of a new series from God’s Kingdom Series the message of “Forgiving From the Heart” the effects and the benefits of a forgiving heart.

Pursue Overtake and Recover

Lloyd Burrell speaks to us on this message about Pursueing and overtaking Recovering all, from the life of David in 1 Samuel 30:1-8.

Good News To The Poor

Clive Sharpe speaks to us this morning on his message “Good News To The Poor” and how that effects our lives as christian believers.

Discovering Your Destiny Pt 4

Angela Chan concludes her sermon with the final talk of the Discovering Your Destiny series Part 4, from the book of Jonah.

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